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Aspire Digital Slim DVD Player    $39.95

 1001 Manchester United Goals DVD
It's The Ultimate Goals DVD!

Re-live FOUR HOURS of goal crazy action spanning
from the heady days of the 60's to the current great
goals scored by Fergie's latest crop of superstars!

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2000 Goals DVD
The Biggest Goals DVD Ever!
As the Premier League prepared for a new
millenium, we collected together no fewer
than TWO THOUSAND top class goals to
make this te biggest goals tape the universe
has ever seen!

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Ronaldo - A Legend in the Making DVD

The definitive profile of the Greatest Player in the World today.
Contains game footage from World Cup 98.

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New! Set Plays. Set Plays (set pieces, restarts, dead ball situations and all
that stuff) are critical for the success of any player or team. The difference
between winning and losing is often the successful execution of set play
situations both on offense and defense. Click Here

New! Soccer Tactics- On The Attack and Soccer Tactics- Defending To Win
are the latest releases from The National Soccer Coaches Association Of America.

Futbol Moderno DVD (en Espanol) - Nuevo!
Entrenamiento Tecnico Para el Jugador de Hoy en Dia
La Asociacion Nacional de Entrenadores de Futbol de America
presenta Futbol Moderno. Este DVD es el primero de un programa
en el cual el espanol es el lenguaje utilizado por instructores y jugadores.
Dividido en cuatro secciones y en Espanol.    Click Here


Brazilian Warm Ups


Brazilian Juggling

FIFA Soccer Fever DVD    Limited Copies!!

The Definitive Guide To The World's Greatest Soccer Moments


2003/2004 SEASON REVIEW DVDS - New!

MNU Review 03/04
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LIV Review 03/04
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ARS Review 03/04
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Great Goals 03/04
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Euro 2004 - The Official Review DVD

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The Official Review
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Euro 2004 Goals
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Stars Euro 2004
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Golden Moments
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NeedA Multi-Region DVD Player?

Medion MD40814 DivX Multi-region DVD player
                       (DVDS SHOWN NOT INCLUDED)
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The Stars of the Spanish Primera Liga  
Denilson, Casillas, Luis Enrique, Saviola, Roberto Carlos. . .
The list of Stars playing in the Spanish Primera Liga reads like
a who`s who of world soccer. This level of breathtaking skill is
seen nowhere else on the planet.

Price: $29.95   VIDEO      DVD

The Season Review of the Spanish  
Primera Liga 2002/03
The Spanish League is widely acknowledged to be the most
exciting in world soccer with some of the game`s greatest players:
Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Patrick Kluivert, Raul
and others competing against each other week in and week out.

This Season Review looks back on all the best moments from the
2003/2003 season`s incredible race for the title which went down
to the last game of the season. Deportivo and Real Sociedad made
a strong challenge but in the end it was Real Madrid`s group of
superstars who celebrated another La Liga triumph.
                                                                 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY

    Price: $29.95   VIDEO      DVD

Golden Moments of the Spanish Primera Liga
97/98 to 02/03
The best moments from the Spanish Primera Liga in recent years are
relived in this spectacular program. The best players at their very best
including Zidane, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Denilson . . . all the great
players and teams are here.  ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY                     

Experience for yourself the passion of La Liga!

Price $29.95    VIDEO    DVD

Classic Matches Between Real Madrid
and Barcelona
The rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona is, without
question, one of the most storied and exciting in world soccer.
Matches between the two giants are packed with passion and
drama, while nothing less than victory will satisfy their loyal
supporters.  This program features 7 matches from recent years
that have certainly lived up to the legendary status of this
monumental rivalry.  SOCCER AT IT'S BEST

Price $29.95    VIDEO     DVD

                              Hot Item!
History of Soccer 7 DVD Set!

               Only $129.95  Order Here

YE BY            B  Hot Item! BECKS
              $29.95  Order The DVD


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        ONLY $29.95

         DVD Order Info
This 2 set series contains a countdown of the ten best goals from the first ten
years of the Premier League nominated by a panel of experts and voted by
fans worldwide, culminating with the winning goal being crowned 'The Goal
Of The Decade'.   With the help of a panel of experts, this three hour program
selects the greatest eighteen matches from the last ten years. The highlights for
each match include interviews with the players, managers or fans who were there
to witness history being made.          VIDEO SET  /  DVD SET

1978 – 2002 World Cup Highlights DVD Set
This  3 DVD World Cup Set includes the greatest players and highlights from the 1978 – 2002 World Cup Tournaments. Has a great selection of rare footage and fabulous highlights. A must have for soccer fans. DVD's are

available only in English language.

Conjunto de DVD de los más destacados momentos de Los Mundiales entre 1978 – 2002: Este conjunto de 3 DVD incluye a los más grandes jugadores y los momentos más destacados de los diferentes Copas del Mundo jugadas entre 1978 a 2002. Cuenta con una gran selección de imágenes poco conocidas y momentos espectaculares. Imprescindible para el fan de verdad. Los DVD’s están solo disponibles en Ingles.

Click Here For Info/Order

5 P

Premier League Greatest Goals
02/03 DVD and Season Review
First time on DVD!

Two Great Programs!

Goals of the Season brings you the greatest
players, the greatest free kicks as well as the greatest saves of the season,
and a light hearted look at the season's silliest own goals.      
ITEM # 5473
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$29.95 Order Here


Manchester United Season Review 02/03 DVD
We've Got Our Trophy Back!   Item #5470

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                          NOW AVAILABLE IN VHS & DVD!
These 3 great titles in NTSC Format will play in machines in the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea & Other Countries



DVD Titles NowAvailable!

The Early Cup Years  1930 thru 1998 (DVD) - Excellent!

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        Click Here

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FIFA World Cup Collection (DVD)

The definitive history of the FIFA World Cup on  4 DVDs.

Volume One - 1930 to 1962, Volume Two - 1966 to 1974
Volume Three - 1978 to 1986, Volume Four - 1990 to 1998

All the best goals, highlights of the greatest matches, controversial
incidents, features of the top players and teams and so much more!!

Stock #: D800 Price: $149.95  Add 2 Cart 

DVD      60 Minutes of Useful Instruction!     VHS
New! How To Coach Very Young Soccer Players. The
award winning video is now available on DVD, and is
loaded with extras, including 23 minutes of previously
unreleased 'Backyard Games' footage.Also available
on VHS

Coaching the Techniques of Goalkeeping (DVD)

This excellent DVD shows clearly and precisely how
to coach the fundamentals of goalkeeping, breaking
down in detail the individual skills, positioning,
different kinds of saves, interceptions, throws and kicks.

Whether it be the position of the hands or how to dive,
this DVD will give you the teaching points you need to
give your keepers the correct techniques.

Stock #: D917 Price: $34.95 Add 2 Cart

The World's Greatest Goals  (DVD)
The Golden Age Of Soccer  NEW

The Golden Age of Soccer. See the greatest
players from the greatest 20 years of World Cup
History. 141 non-stop goals from Charlton, Hurst, Pele, Cruyff,
Eusebio, Muller, Moore, Kempes, Rossi, Maradona and more!
                              Click Here for Details & to order!

Systems of Play

Understanding The Numbers Game

Confused by the numbers game? Help is here!
Finally, a program that simplifies the mysteries of
Systems of Play. This program has been developed to help the
countless thousands of coaches who are unsure about the tactical
deployment of players. Is the 4-42 or the 3-5-2 the best system?
What about the 4-3-3? Or the 3-4-3? There is no such thing as
a "best" system, but there is a system that is best for your team.
No team uses a system that has never been seen before - most
teams use variations of familiar themes - successful teams change
and disguise their tactical positioning of players.

The program takes advantage of coach Waiters' considerable
experience and his ability to simplify and de-mystify systems of play.
3-D graphics, game footage and a team in practice make it a visual
learning experience and allows you to develop the best system for
your team.

DVD Special Features:

Printable checklists to help you to
organize your team and establish
a system of play*

Set Plays coaching tips
Goalkeeper coaching tips
Scene Selection
Crystal Clear Slo-mo and freeze frame
Dolby AC-3 Digital Stereo

Stock #: S-5414  Price: $29.95 Quantity:  Add 2 Cart

Multistage Fitness Test (Beep Test)
or  AUDIO CASSETTE  (your choice)

Popularly known as the "Beep Test", this audio CD or Cassette and booklet provide the tools necessary to administer a progressive shuttle-run test for the prediction
of Maximum Oxygen Intake. Used by top coaches in the
US and Europe, this test will allow you to monitor your players` aerobic fitness with consistently reliable results. It can also be used by players in the off-season to challenge themselves to maintain peak conditioning levels. All you need is this AUDIO CD or AUDIO CASSETTE, a CD or Cassette player and 2 markers placed 20 meters apart

Stock #: RD951CD  Price: $34.95    Add 2 Cart   (AUDIO CD)

Stock #: RD951        Price: $34.95    Add 2 Cart   (CASSETTE TAPE)

The "All The Right Moves" DVD is Here!

Introducing the world's First Soccer Training DVD!
Last Year's Best selling video is about to be this year's
best selling DVD. All The Right Moves helps you
"Get a move on" - your opponent that is. A collection
of different moves that will leave your opponent standing.
Click here for info & to order!

Passing Make Easy CD-ROM  (Instructional)

The folks at Soccer Made Easy bring you an unprecedented
collection of passing drills for youth soccer. The only product
dedicated solely to this most important skill. CD Rom \
Windows 9x/ME

(compatible in US, Japan . . .)

  Stock #: 791B Price: $49.95   Add 2 Cart 


Pele - The Master and His Method

The classic video from the King of Soccer is now on DVD! Pele reveals
the extraordinary skills which propelled him to soccer immortality, and
demonstrates them in a fashion which excited and inspires. Ball juggling,
dribbling, trapping, passing, shooting, heading - all are here along with
Pele`s perspective on goalkeeping, penalties, free kicks, and match
conditioning. Pele discusses his training techniques, his emphasis on
practice and his "feel" for the game.

Stock #: D114 Price: $29.95 Quantity:  Add 2 Cart 

Brazlian Soccer Skills and Tactics With Zico
Zico, one of the greatest Brazilian players ever, brings his knowledge
and passion for the game to this 2-CD-ROM set.  Included is all the
video footage from his bestselling 3 Video series. Excellent for players
and coaches at all levels.Skills and Techniques, Passing, Receiving,
Ball Control, Dribbling, Shooting, and Heading Throw-ins, Position
Play, Striker, Midfield, Defender, Goalkeeper, Tactics, Offense
and Defense Formations, Player Training, Slow Motion and Full
Screen Options!
Price $49.95  Add 2 Cart

Training Sessions From Around the World

Watch training sessions from top clubs around the world! From youth
to first division professional, actual practices are shown and discussed
by top New Zealand coach Maurice Tillotson. Coach Tillotson`s travels
to Holland, Brazil, Germany, Italy and England produced almost 3 hours
of excellent footage of soccer teaching and training at its finest.
Item #D231   More Info & To Order

 Soccer Made Easy (Drills & Skills)
Soccer Made Easy coaching software is a culminationnn of over 6 years of development and 20 years of coaching experience and has been produced by soccer people for soccer people. A comprehensive soccer educational tool for Youth Coaches. Inside you will find years of soccer
experience at your fingertips. The CD is user friendly and is packed with over 200 superb animations. Every skill and drill is fully animated for you to watch, print and take right to practice. It contains: Techniques, Practice Sessions for a
Season, Drills for Skills, Individual Skill Training Program, FIFA Rules Directory, Coaches Address Book, Team - Roster Database.                    Price $49.95    Add 2 Cart

Soccer Made Easy (Premier Version)
This Soccer Made Easy Companion includes fundamental & advanced tactics, fitness training, nutrition, physiology, administration helper, and injuries.    Price $49.95    Add 2 Cart

Pele - The King of Soccer

This fully interactive CD-ROM is the most comprehensive
reference on Pele ever produced. Highlight reel, biography,
instructional video and trivia game all in one! Inside you will

-The details and statistics of Pele`s 1,364
matches, many of which include photos and magical video

The Life of Pele-Follow the fantastic journey of the
little Brazilian boy who became the athlete of the century.
A searchable database of more than 180 photographs and
60 minutes of video covering everything Pele : the matches,
the goals, the stories, and the championships. Also includes
an exclusive video interview in which the King himself speaks
of his life and the game.
Skills Workshop-The art of soccer
illustrated in detail by Pele. Each skill is shown on video and
broken down step-by-step.
Trivia Game-Test your
knowledge of the life of Pele with this entertaining and
educational game.
System Requirements:
Pentium Class Processor, 16MB RAM, Sound Blaster or
compatible, Windows 3.1 or higher. Excellent  ORDER HERE
Game Situation Training - Ages 9 to 12
This truly innovative coaching tool gives you 15 training
games with numerous variations supported by coaching
points and over 150 video clips. The screen is laid out in
four sections :

Table of Contents : Use it to navigate quickly and easily.
Text Box : Concise descriptions of each training game,
technique or tactic accompanying each video clip.
Diagram : Each training game includes a field diagram
which complements the video by providing at a glance
details on game objectives and set-up.
Video Player : Over 150 full color, full motion clips
demonstrate all 15 training games and their variations, all
coaching points within each game, and all terms and
definitions. View videos in normal or large screen size.
Controls include play, stop, pause, fast forward, rewind,
and slow motion. Also includes a very useful drawing tool
feature which allows you to emphasize your points on the
actual video screen! Outstanding!
Price $59.95    Add 2 Cart

TurboStats is more than just the fastest, easiest way to
enter yourstats. It`s also one of the most powerful stat
report generation tools youcan buy. You will be able to
Customize, Organize, Analyze, Publicize, and Socialize.
Statistics Include: Games Played, Periods Played, Min.
Played, Avg. Min., Yellow Cards, Red Cards, Shots
on Goal, Shots at Goal, Penalty Kicks (Attempts/Goals),
Corner Kicks (Attempts/Goals), Off-Sides, Bad Throw-Ins,
Fouls, Assists, Scoring Percent, Penalty Kick Percent,
Corner Kick Percent, Avg. Shots, Avg. Goals per Game.
Price $69.95 (add 4.99 shipping & handling)   Add 2 Cart
Soccer Computer Coach Drill
Create and Save your own drills and schemes. Develop
your own coaching playbook.

The most advanced and practical soccer coaching software
available. This powerful application is a very useful tool for
coaches of all levels. Designed originally for coaches in the
Italian Serie A for creating and teaching advanced defending
and attacking schemes, it can also be used for more basic
coaching aims such as drill, small-sided game, and fitness
circuit design and practice planning. The options are limitless.
Price $49.95    Add 2 Cart
Computer Coach Drill Disk #1  
100 drills from top coaches in the Italian Serie A. These
outstanding drills easily import to your Computer Coach
program and can be studied and printed or be modified
to fit your needs and the strengths and weaknesses of
your players. It`s like publishing your own Advanced
Drill Book. Have your team train like the top European
Clubs with these effective drills!  
Price $39.95     Add 2 Cart


Advanced One on One Coaching

This excellent DVD will help you coach your
players to reach a high level of technical excellence
Item # D772          Find Out More

Anson Dorrance - Training Championship
Players and Teams

This outstanding three volume series from Anson
Dorrance is a must for every coach`s library
 Item # D775         Find Out More
                      PLUS 30 GREAT DVD TITLES BELOW!
Attacking From the Back
Packed with creative drills and small sided games, this DVD
from the Dutch Soccer School is designed to develop numerical
superiority in the attack.
Item # D115           Find Out More
Coaching 6-10 Year Olds DVD
62 games and exercises for young players.Attention is focused
on skill development through individual and group drills and the
seeds of tactical thinking are planted with a series of basic
conditioned small-sided games.
Item #D752          Find Out More
Coaching 9,10 and 11 Year Olds DVD
This DVD suggests a number of unique exercises
designed not only for improvement of soccer technique,
but also for the development of imagination and
creativeness, all suitably adapted to the modern game.
Item #D753          Find Out More
Coaching 9-14 Year Olds - Tactical Skills DVD
This DVD applies basic fundamental technique to real
and pertinent game situations.
Item #754             Find Out More
Coaching the 3-4-3
This DVD examines the 3-4-3 system of play with regard
to both the offensive and defensive phases
Item #237            Find Out More.
Coaching the Italian 4-4-2
Our best-selling video of all time is now available on DVD!
See the small-sided games, functional training, drills and
combination plays the Italian team used to reach the
94 World Cup Final.
Item # D105          Find Out More
Coaching the Youth Team with Roger Wilkinson
This DVD is the one the youth game has been waiting for.
It answers the needs of the youth coach by showing how
to move the team through technique into tactical play by
progressive practices that build teamwork.
Item # D919          Find Out More
Coerver Fundamentals - Beating an Opponent
An all time classic comes to DVD! Beat your opponent
using these time tested techniques
Item # D2022       Find Out More.
Coerver Fundamentals - Heading and Shooting
An all time classic comes to DVD! Teach and learn heading
and shooting techniques from the master of skill development,
Weil Coerver.
Item # D2023      Find Out More
Coerver Fundamentals - The Basics of the Coerver Method
An all time classic comes to DVD! Find the skill you need quickly
using the Skill Selector.
Item # D2021       Find Out More
Coordination and Agility Training with a Soccer Ball
with Peter Schreiner

Peter Schreiner takes his coordination and agility training to
the next level by introducing a soccer ball to the exercises. Excellent
Item #D769          Find Out More
Dutch Goalkeeping Drills - Advanced Skills
Presented by Maarten Arts, Goalkeeper Coach at FC Utrecht,
this DVD is full of drills to enable goalkeepers to reach a high level
of performance.
Item # D923          Find Out More
Dutch Goalkeeping Drills - Conditioning
This DVD shows more than 200 conditioning drills organized
under eight headings. It is the newest and best goalkeeping
program on the market!
Item # D922          Find Out More
Focus on Skill
The core component of the game of soccer is skill. In this DVD,
Tom Bouklas presents a number of outstanding and tested exercises
for improving every aspect of soccer skill.
Item # D230          Find Out More
Individual Defending
This outstanding DVD covers every aspect of individual defensive
technique and tactical awareness.
Item # D236          Find Out More
One on One Coaching for Parent and Player
Over 100 excellent drills and ideas to use with your child or
team to improve their techniques and soccer skills by New
Zealand`s Director of Coaching, Roger Wilkinson.Highly Recommended
Item # D205          Find Out More
Small Group Tactics
Part 2 of Anson Dorrance`s Training Championship Players and
Teams covers the exercises used at UNC to develop attack and
defense, transition and speed of play.
Item # D7752        Find Out More
Soccer Fundamentals with Weil Coerver
The alltime classic skills training method is now available on DVD
Learn from the master of skill development, Weil Coerver.
Item #202              Find Out More.
Soccer Tactics and Skills - Attacking DVD
with Tom Bouklas
This DVD addresses all aspects of team attacking out of modern
systems of play.
Item #1041             Find Out More.
The Competitive Cauldron
Volume 1 of Anson Dorrance`s Training Championship Players
and Teams examines the training environment, developing intensity
and training the female psychological dimension
Item # D7751          Find Out More
The Dutch Soccer School
Louis van Gaal and Co Adriaanse take their Ajax youth players
through small sided games designed to develop awareness of
space, passing and support, width, and tactical understanding
Item # D116            Find Out More
The North Carolina System
Part 3 of Anson Dorrance`s Training Championship Players
and Teams breaks down the system of play at perennial
women`s college powerhouse UNC
Item # D7753          Find Out More
Training Sessions from Around the World
Watch training sessions from top clubs around the world!
From youth to first division professional, actual practices
are shown and discussed by top New Zealand coach
Item # D231          Find Out More
Training Soccer Movement
Developing Confidence On and Off the Ball
This DVD presents an innovative approach to
training soccer players
Item # D758         Find Out More.
Youth Soccer Drills and Small Sided Games
This DVD is a vast resource of drills and small sided games
covering skills, movement, support and possession
Item # D764        Find Out More
Zone Play
This excellent series shows in detail how to teach and
implement each facet of Zone Play
Item # D762        Find Out More           
Zone Play - 20 Exercises
These exercises and small sided games are designed to
teach the defensive formations of Zone Play.
Highly Recommended
Item # D7622      Find Out More
Zone Play - Developing Awareness of Space,
Time and Orientation

This tape provides a series of simple exercises to teach
the concepts of space, time, and orientation, the fundamental
basic elements of Zone Play. Outstanding!
Item # D7621      Find Out More
Zone Play - The Principles of Zone Play
The exercises in this excellent 70 minute DVD take the
playersstep by step through the tactical implementation
of the fundamentals they have learned into Zone Play.
Recommended by top coaches
Item # D7623      Find Out More

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