Gen.Choi Hong Hi

Founder of Oh Do Kwan & International Taekwon-do Federation

 Lee Won-guk
Photo by Kim Pyung-soo

Founder of Chungdo-kwan

Hwang Kee

Founder of Moo Duk Kwan in 1945

YOON, Byung In
Photos submitted by
Kim Pyung-soo
.Enlarge Lower Photo

Founder of Chang Moo Kwan or (Kwon Beop Dojang)
* "YOON, Byung In and CHUN, Sang Sup were very close and trained together,
and traveled together to Manchuria to train with other martial artists. Grandmaster
Yoon, Byung In taught at the Chosun Yunmoo Kwan for 6 months before opening
the YMCA Kwon Bop Bu (Chang Moo Kwan). They disappeared at the same
time, possible trapped in the North during one of their trips. This is why Jidokwan
and Chang Moo Kwan are considered "Brother" Kwans"  - by Al Cole

HONG Jong-pyo
Photo by Kim Pyung-soo
Enlarge Photo

GrandMaster Hong, (age 80) is one of the early students of YOON, Byung-in.
He, is the founder of Hung Moo-Kwan and Kwon Bop club at the Law College
of Seoul National University in Korea. He Also co-founded Kang Duk Won with
grandmaster Park Chul-hee in 1954

Byung Jik Ro

 Founder of Song Moo Kwan

Kim Soon-bae
Photo by Kim Pyung-soo

Chief Master of Changmoo-Kwan

Chun, Sang Sup

Founded the Chosun Yunmookwan Kong So Do Bu
(later became Jidokwan), March 3, 1946. Student of
Gichin Funakoshi at Takushoku University in Japan.
He vanished during the Korean War - by Al Cole

Chun, ll Sup
Photo by Kim Pyung-soo

Jidokwan Grandmaster

Yoon Ui-byung (Yoon Kwe-byung).

Founder of Jido-Kwan
(See info on Dr. Gwe submitted by GM Kim Soo)

Bae Young-gee
Photo by Kim Pyung-soo

Student No.1 of  Jidokwan

Lee-Chong Woo

3rd Jidokwan Grand Master
Changed name of Chosan Yen Moo Kwan to Ji Do Kwan
Former Vice President & Secretary General of WTF

 Lee Byung Ro

Head Jidoikwan Instructor/
He worked for secretary general of the Korea Taesoodo Association and also
the Korea Taekwondo Association.  His nick name was" Shee Gae Bural"
which means pendlum of clock,as he was always very puntual and dedicated
to his classes - Kim Pyung-soo

Song Duk Ki
Photos by Kim Pyung-soo
About Lower Photo

"Taek Kyon Master who was critically responsible for preserving
the art, and thus designated by the South Korean government as
a national treasure" - Photos and text courtesy of TKD Hall of Fame -
Sr. Technical Advisor - GM Kim Pyung-soo

Hwang, Kwang Sung

Grand Master Hwang, Kwang Sung served as special assistant to
General Choi, was the Official Spokesman of the ITF, and served
as Chairman of the ITF Promotion and Merger Committees. In
addition, asSecretary General of the ITF .  More on GM Huang

Sihak. Henry Cho

Founder of "Tournament of Champions" concept in the USA
Director - All American Open Tae Kwon Do/Kungfu/Karate Chmps.

 Kim Young-tae
Photo by Kim Pyung-soo

Pioneer of Tae Kwon Do in the Ivory Coast
W.T.F / Technical Advisor

  Chang Seong Dong

Pioneer of Tae Kwon Do in India
Founder of Sang Rok World Taekwondo Academy
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame

Young Kim

Head Coach of Korean National Team for 10 Years
Created first Professional Taekwondo Team (Seoul Subway)
Head Coach of Profesional Taekwondo Team for 15 Years

Jae Chul Shin

Founder of World Tang Soo Do Federation

Chun Sik Kim

Founder of the International Tang Soo Do Federation

Lee Kyo Yoon

Founder of Han Moo Kwan
Head of Korea National Team at First World
Taekwondo Championships

Nam, Tae Hi

Performed the patterns as General Choi created them, and
contributed to patterns Hwa-Rang, Choong-Moo and Ul-Ji.

Yoo Ung Jun

One of the Original Instructors of Chung Do Kwan

Son Duk Sung

Founder World Tae Kwon Do Association
Grandmaster Duk Sung Son was the second (Kwan Jang) instructor
of the Chung Do Kwan, appointed by GM Won Kuk Lee.
He is also the author of two books on Tae Kwon Do :

Jhoon Goo Rhee

Spread Taekwondo Throughout the USA '60's

Park Chul-hee
(Photo by Kim Pyung-soo)

Senior student Great grandmaster Yoon Byung-in, co-founded
Kang Duk Won "Academy of Moral Teaching" with grandmaster
Hong Jong-pyo in 1954

Kim Pyung-soo

Founder of Chayon-Ryu (1968)
Taekwondo/Martial Arts Historian
Sr. Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Reporting from Korea, Kim Pyung-soo introduced the world
to Taekwondo and other martial arts practiced in Korea as
Black Belt magazine's first Korean correspondent from1964-67
Founder of Korea Taekwon-Karate Academy in Seoul (1963)
Author of Taekwondo book, "Palgue 123, Palgue4,5,6, Palgue 7 & 8
First editions were introduced to the world in English in 1973
(Published by Ohara publication, Calif. )
"Chayon-Ryu Taekwondo" in Russian was published in Moscow / May 2000

YK Kim

Instructor, author, motivational speaker, film producer
and actor. Developing first martial arts college in the

Jae Hwa Kwon

Spread Taekwon-do throughout Germany

            Rhee Ki Ha Founder of Taekwon-do in Great Britain and Ireland
Senior Vice President of the International Taekwon-do Federation

Park Jong Soo

Founder of Taekwon-do in the Netherlands
Pioneer of Taekwon-do in Canada
Vice President of the International Taekwon-do Federation

Chong Lee

Founder of Taekwondo in Canada
Instructed champions Daniel Richer & Ray Nikiel

Dai Won Moon

Founder of Taekwondo In Mexico

Roy M. Washington

Founder of Taekwondo In the U.S. Virgin Islands
Sponsored and Hosted the 1st and 2nd Caribbean Championships in the Virgin Islands
Chairman of the WTF Legislative Committee (appointed by Un Yong Kim in 1990)
Member of the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee (1982-1990
Senior Technical Advisor to the Taekwondo Hall of Fame / U.S. Virgin Islands & U.S.A.

Sam Park

Co-Founder and past president of Ontario Taekwondo Association
Past Chairman of the Board of the World Taekwondo Federation of Canada

Won Chik Park
Photo / Won Chik Park

President of United States Taekwondo Grandmaster Society (2002 – Present )
Founder and Tournament Chairman of the Fort Worth

George Anderson

Founder of the Central Taekwondo Association
General Secretary of the Taekwondo Association of Ohio
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame

Yousuf Dildar

Founder of Afgan Taekwondo Federation

Young Chul Rho

President of The World Tae Kwon Do Academy
Head Referee 1st & 2nd World Taekwondo Championships

Ladislav Burian

prezident Ceského svazu Taekwon-Do ITF (Czech Taekwon-do)

Carl S.Tate

founding President First Canada Tang Soo Do

     Jung Tae Park*

Founder of Global Taekwondo Federation in 1990. GM Park's first
school was opened (and still exists) in Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada.
G.M.Park was reportedly a right-hand man to Gen.Choi Hong Hi
Paul Preston One of the early pioneers of Tae kwon-do in Northern Ireland
Yiorgos Stylianidis from Thessaloniki played an impoprtant part in bring Taekwondo
to Greece during the late 1960's
Stamatis Kassis from Athens alsdo played an impoprtant part in bringing Taekwondo
to Greece during the late 1960's
Colonel Mohanoe Lefosa Lesotho Taekwondo First Vice President
Nam Suk Lee* Director of Chang Moo Kwan, Seoul, Korea
Prof.Dr. Hakim Nadir Abbas Founded Taekwondo in Pakistan

(1950's & 1960's)
Original (I.T.F.) Pioneer Instructors and Masters Worldwide


General Woo Jong Lim
Ko Jae Chun
Hyun Jong Myung
Chang Tae Ik
Chang Tae Ik
Cha Ji Chul
Chin Duk Young
Chung Byung Gil
Kim Yong Soo
Baek Joong Ki
Kim Suk Kyu
Lee Sang Koo
Kim Syung Bok
Kim Gil Sung
Park Yang Kyu
Kwak Byung Oh
Cho Sang Min
Choi Weh Bong
Kim Bong Sik
Lee Ung Sam
Koo Pan Hong
Kim Keun Joong
Choo Kyo IL
Im Soon Ho
Kim Hong Sup
Han Min Kyo


Nam Tae Hi
Kim Bok Man
Rhee Jong Hyup
Choi Kwang Jo
Han Cha Kyo
Bong Suk Keun
Woo Jae Lim
Rhee Jong Chul
Yang Yoo Yup
Sung Kwang Yong
Kim Jong Chan
Lee Byung Moo
Yoon Young Koo
Lee Joon Jae


Rhee Ki Ha
Kwon Jae Hwa
Cho Soo Seh
Kwon Jae Hwa
Lee Suk Hee
Lee Yoo Sun
Park Sun Jae
Hong Sung In
Kim Kwang Il
Cho Hee Il


Kim Han Chang


Park Jong Soo
Choi Chang Keun


Jhoon Goo Rhee
Kong Young Il
Lee Jae Bok
Kim In Mook
Chung Suk Jong
Lee Heang Ung
Kang Suh Jong

Original (I.T.F.) Pioneer Instructors and Masters Worldwide


Nam Tae Hi
Kim In Mook
Moon Dae Won
Kong Young IL
Yoo Hong Sun
Kang Dong Won
Kim Hong Sik
Jack Hwang
Cho Hee IL
Kang Suh Jong
Lee Haeng Ung
Lee Jae Bok
Kim Nam Kyun
Park Boo Kwang
Cho Si Hak
Eun Sang KI
Rhee Jhoon Goo
Chung Suk Jong
Baek Moon Koo
Lee Jong Moon
Choi Sun Duk
Shim Sang Kyu
Moon Dae Won


Park Jong Soo
Kim Jong Chan
Lee Jun Jae
Park Jung Tae
Han Sam Soo
Kim Gil Woo
Choi Ik Sun
Chun Duk Ki
Choi Chang Keun
Kwon Tae Sung
Park Jung Teck
Choi Kwang Jo
Park Jong Soo
Kim Yang Kwang


Rhee Ki Ha
Hong Sung In
Park Sun Jae
Kwon Jae Hwa
Lee Suk Hee
Lee Yoo Sun
Im Won Sub
Kim Kwang IL


Rhee Jong Chul
Yang Woo Yup
Yoon Young Ku
Rhee Jong Hyup


Cho Sang Min
Kim Jong Yul
Byun Jong Chan
Kim Sang In
Shin Kwang Soo
Chung Kwang Duk
Kim Yong Min
Lee Gae Joon
Lee Woo Jae
Kwon Kum Jo
Kim Han Chang
Kim Yoon Sik
Myung Duk Sun
Choi Nam Sung
Bang Keun Mo


Kim Bok Man
Woo Jae Lim
Han Cha Kyo
Lee Byung Moo