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Italian Coaching and Training

Stock # 757  VIDEO 110 Exercises for Conditioning, Agility and Ball Control
This video offers a progression of drills and exercises designed to                
develop a "feel" for soccer movements, fluidity, and ball skills while
alsobuilding soccer specific conditioning levels.Excellent  Click Here More Info                                                                                                                                                    
Stock # 765  VIDEO Attacking Schemes and Training Exercises
This video is divided into three sections: Attacking Patterns,
Circuit Training,and Interval Conditioning Training.     Click Here More Info      
Stock # 121  VIDEO Attacking the Flat Back Four
This video addresses the need for new and varying attacking
skills and schemes to overcome increasingly effective modern
zone defenses. Excellent        Click Here More Info
Stock # 920  VIDEO Attacking With 2 Forwards
This excellent video demonstrates through a series of 40
exercises how to develop offensive play situations and
maintain offensive shape.          Click Here More Info
Stock # 921  VIDEO Attacking With 3 Forwards
This new video by Inter Milan Youth Coach Angelo Pereni
focuses on the offensive build-up, developing and maintaining
shape, and attacking schemes using 3 forwards.           Click Here More Info
Stock # 763  VIDEO Coaching 1v1 and 2v1 Situations  
The situations of one against one and two against one are
analyzed in this unique coaching program.          Click Here More Info
Stock # 752  VIDEO Coaching 6-10 Year Olds
62 games and exercises for young players.          Click Here More Info
Stock # 754  VIDEO Coaching 9 to 14 Year Olds : Tactical Skills
This tape applies basic fundamental technique to real
and pertinent game situations.             Click Here More Info
Stock # 753  VIDEO Coaching 9,10, and 11 Year Olds : Individual Skills
This tape suggests a number of unique exercises designed
not only for improvement of soccer technique, but also for
the development of imagination and creativeness.  Click Here More Info
Stock # 196  VIDEO Coaching Advanced Goalkeepers
Italy`s 1994 World Cup keeper breaks down the following
skills with clear demonstrations: Cutting angles, getting down
quickly, defending breakaways, speed off the line, protecting
the near post, distribution and more.          Click Here More Info
Stock # 773  VIDEO Coaching Goalkeepers
A practical and easy to follow video for goalkeepers and
goalkeeper coaches covering every aspect of goalkeeping.
EXCELLENT. 90 min.                  Click Here More Info
Stock # 237  VIDEO Coaching the 3-4-3
This video examines the 3-4-3 system of play with regard
to both the offensive and defensive phases.     Click Here More Info
Stock # 105  VIDEO Coaching the Italian 4:4:2  
Filmed during Italy`s preparation for the 1994 World Cup,
Coach Arrigo Sacchi takes the Italian team through every aspect
of their zonal 4:4:2 formation. EXCELLENT          Click Here More Info
Stock # 125  VIDEO Developing Creative Attacking Movement
This video follows the steps the Italians use to develop creative
team movement.                          Click Here More Info
Stock # 766  VIDEO Goalkeeper Training for Speed, Coordination and Strength
Over 70 drills and exercises to develop speed, coordination and
strength training in goalkeepers are           Click Here More Info
Stock # 767  VIDEO Speed and Strength Training for Soccer
The material on this video has been specifically
designed to assistsoccer coaches with their
strength programs and for strengthening
the specific musclesmost commonly used by
soccer players.     Click Here More Info
Stock # 758  VIDEO Training Soccer Movement
Developing Confidence On and Off the Ball    Click Here More Info
Stock # 764 VIDEO Youth Soccer Drills and Small Sided Games
This video is a vast resource of drills and small sided games
covering skills, movement, support and possession.        Click Here More Info
Stock # 762  VIDEO Zone Play  
This excellent series shows in detail how to teach and
implement each facet of Zone Play. Exercises to develop
every aspect of Zone Play are presented           Click Here More Info
Stock #7621 VIDEO Zone Play - Tape 1:Developing Awareness of Space,
Time and Orientation

This tape provides a series of simple exercises to teach the
concepts of space, time, and orientation, the fundamental basic
elements of Zone Play.                 Click Here More Info
Stock#7622  VIDEO Zone Play - Tape 2:20 Exercises for Developing Defensive
Formations,Transition, and Pressing

These exercises and small sided games are designed to teach the
defensive formations of Zone Play              Click Here More Info
Stock #7623 VIDEO Zone Play - Tape 3  
The exercises in this excellent 70 minute tape take the players
step by step through the tactical implementation of the fundamentals
they have learned into Zone Play           Click Here More Info



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