Hwa Chong  Consultant to the World Taekwondo Federation
Yeon Hwan Park  Vice President - USA Taekwondo Union  / Author
Lim Teong Chin Highest ranked WTF blackbelt holder in Singapore - 8th dan
Highest ranked WTF international referee in Singapore - S Class
Author of six Taekwondo books
Former Singapore National Head Coach  (Submitted by Jeremy Lim)
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Seung Kuk Lee
(photo courtesy Al Cole)
Grandmaster Lee has been the Professor of the Taekwondo Department at KNUPE
(Korea National University of Physical Education) AKA Hankuk Chaedae, for many
years and has been responsible for training a great many of Korea's champion's and
teams. He also coached Korean teams at the 88 and 92 Olympics, along with
Grandmaster Sei Hyuk Kim. (submitted by Al Cole)
Kyung Ho Min Technical Director, UC Martial Arts Program
Yong Chin Park President of National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (2005)
Kyung Myong Lee Deputy Secretary General of World Taekwondo Federation
Kwong Won Ahn President of the United States Taekwondo Won
Jhoon Rhee Introduced Taekwondo to Capital Hill and Texas in early 60's
Regrarded by manyas being the "Pioneer of Taekwon-do" in America
Richard Chun Head of US Team / 1st World Taekwondo Championships Korea 1973
Instructor of the legendary Joseph Hayes
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Dong Ja Yang Former President of United States Taekwondo Union
Chang Seong Dong Pioneer of Tae Kwon Do In India
Founder of Sang Rok World Tae Kwon Do Academy
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame
CHONG, Chun Sup
photo courtesyAl Cole
Trained at Jidokwan Paeng-song Dojang
Graduate World Taekwondo Academy, Kukkiwon
Past President USTU Arizona State Taekwondo Association
John Holloway
About Lower Photo
Inducted Into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame  April 6th, 2007

Current National Director USA/Taekwondo Referees (2005)
Former Vice President of  United States Taekwondo Union
International Referee - Olympic Team Trials / Pan Am Games
First U.S.T.U. Athletic Advisory Council Chairman
Director Captain's Cup Championships
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame

Jong Chul Lee Mexican National and Olympic Team Coach (1983-1988)
US Natl. Team Head Coach /PAN AM Championships
Costa Rica (1994) Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Sok Ho Kang President of United States Taekwondo Won
Former Vice President of United States Taekwondo Union
Central Director - Ontario Taekwondo Association
Coach: 2002 US Open, 2002 World Cup Japan team
2001 Pam Am Games Women's Coach
Kim Ho Jae
(photo by Al Cole)
Dean of the World Taekwondo Academy at Kukkiwon
More On Kim, Jo Jae
Kim Hoon Head of International Taekwon-do Federation in KOREA /
(Office located in South Korea)
Sun Hwan Chung President - Universal Educational Martial Arts United Federation
Certified International Referee
Former bodyguard to WTF President Un Yong Kim
More on Grandmaster Sun Hwan Chung
Lynn Jackson Instructor
Young Chi Kim* World Taekwondo Federation Tournament Committee Chairman (1987)
Technical Director of Pan American Union (1985 to 1987)
United States Taekwondo Union Vice President (1988 to 1992)
Director of Junior Olympics (1993)
Yong Sup Shin U.S. Official Olympic Team Delegate for 2000 Summer
Olympic Games - Australia .This was the first time Taekwondo
was represented as an official medal sport.
Byung Ho Choi Tournament Director - 14th U.S. National Tae Kwon Do Championship
Selection for 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul Korea
A E Mitchell President of Grenada ITF Taekwon-do Association
and Eastern Caribbean Taekwon-do Association
Ken Cheung Was the 1st Canadian certified by the W.T.F. as an International Referee in 1979.
He was then promoted to a 1st class International Referee in 1992 and the only
Canadian to be an Olympic Judge in the 1988 and 1992 Olympics.
Muhammad Ben Ahmed
Al Selete
President of Qatar Taekwondo Federation
Per Andresen Leder (Leader) National Taekwondo Norway
Guangsong Li President International China Taekwon-do Federation
Tong Mun Kim
(Photo / Chuck Stepan
Chong Su Kim President of the Pan Am Tang Soo Do Federation
Jack Hwang USA Head of Team
1st World taekwondo Championships - Seoul Korea  / 1973
ll Hoi Kim, USA Team Coach,            
1st World Taekwondo Championships

Ki Chung Kim* Instructor
2 Time Korean National Champion (Middle-Weight)
Produced champions Mark Williams,
Herbert Perez, and Keith Kelly 
Jon Chung Kim Instructor
1970 Korea National Champion
Brother of Ki Chung Kim
Director Keystone Open Taekwondo Championships
Yusuf Bilal
(Joe Tucker)

Instructed Taekwondo Champion Keith Kelly
Young.Jun Chang Instructor
Moon Sung Lee Instructed International Taekwon-do Champion Darryl Gaston
Sean Kim Instructor
Jae Hun Kim Instructor
Yoo Jin Kim Instructor
Thomas F. Henzey Instructor
William Scott
(Photo / Chuck Stepan)

Albert Cheeks

Member of the USA Team at the First World Taekwondo
Championships held in Seoul Korea 1973 - (Bronze) Winner
of numerous Grand Championships including Henry's Cho's
All American Open at Madison Sq. Garden (1973)

Manuel Alberto-
Jurado Malacara

First Mexican to win an Olympic Taekwondo medal -  1988 - Silver
Instructed Olympian brothers`Oscar (Silver '04), Iridia Salazar Brnz ('04)
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame

Sang Soo Kim*


Byung Moo Lee


Howard Lee

Instructor/Tournament Director

Dr. Jin Bang Yang
(photo by Al Cole)

The last student of Grandmaster Chong Woo Lee and Professor
at Yong In University. Official of the KTA and WTF. He made
the 1987 "Art of Competition" video from the WTF, and also
the TERC training series. Well known students of Dr. Yang in
the USA are Barry Partridge (US top coach) and *Keith Krotish
(IR) (Keith passed away suddenly this year.- by Al Cole
Lee Kyong-myong Worked in the World TaeKwonDo Federation after teaching
TaeKwonDo in Europe for 20+ years. He is a Professor in the
Sports Diplomacy Department of Choong-cheong University
and haspublished several books on TaeKwonDo.
Kang Won-sik Worked for the Korea TaeKwonDo Association, the  AsiaTaeKwonDo
Union and also the Kukkiwon. He is currently a Professor in the TaeKwon
Do Department at Yong-in University and the President of TaeKwonDo
Shinmun, a TaeKwonDo newspaper in Korea

Byung Min Kim

Founder Byung Min Taekwondo School

Ik Jo Kang

Instructor/Tournament Director

Yong II Kong


Konrad Spillman
Lower Photo Info

Instructor / American Taekwondo Centers, Inc
TaeKwonDo International - Vice President (West Coast Div)
WBJJF - Vice President (World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation)
TaeKwonDo International Marketing & Seminar
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Jim Roberts Sr.
(Photos / Chuck Stepan)
Ye Bong Choi Instructor
Allen Steen Inducted Into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame  April 6th, 2007
Pat Burleson First Black Belt of Allen Steen
Winner of  Jhoon Rhee 1st U.S. National Chmps. / Wash.D.C. (1964)
Ki Moon Kwon Served as the US National Team Coach for 2001,
(12th Pan American Taekwondo Championships,
December 7-9, 2000, Oranjestad, Aruba
USA National Collegiate Head Coach for 2002
More on Ki Moon Kwon
Jeff Smith Instructor/
Grand Champion of numerous traditional Taekwondo Tournaments
Grand Champions at Ed Parker's Long Beach Internationals and
7-Time Light-Heavyweight World Champion
Young In Cheon
(photo by Al Cole)
Former ROK Marine Team Champion
Head Coach for the Gold Medal winning 2000 Sydney Olympic USA Team
Awarded twice as Coach of the Year by the U.S.O.C. 2000 /2002
Numerous times National Team, Junior National Team and Collegiate Team Coach
Director of LA Open and Young In Cheon Invitational
Al Cole Team Leader, US National Taekwondo Team (USTU) at the 1st World Olympic
QualificationTournament for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Team Manager, US National Collegiate Taekwondo Team (NCTA),
World UniversityTaekwondo Championships (FISU), Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico
Past President of the USTU Ohio State Taekwondo Association
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Charles Stepan Inducted Into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame  April 6th, 2007
Technical Advisor /Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Young-Cheul SUH Instructor in Germany
Hee II Cho Instructor/Author/Action International Martial Arts Association
Mark Williams Instructor/
Chairman, New Jersey State Taekwondo Association
Director, New Jersey State Taekwondo Championships
US National Team Coach
Gregory Glover Instructor /
A Senior student of the late-great Jidokwan Grandmaster Chung Koo Kim
Allan "K.T" Glover* Instructor /
A Senior student of the late-great Jidokwan Grandmaster Chung Koo Kim
and a fierce competitor in full-contact and traditional Tae Kwon Do events
in the 70's.
Bassem Aad National Head Coach of the Lebanese national team, for the past seven years
International referee & instructor.
Steven Oliver Instructor / Marketing Expert
Bob Heckmann
(lower photo by
Erich Heckmann)
"Five Points Karate instructor, Bob Heckmann,
5th Degree Black Belt has studied directly under
Grand Master Duk Sung Son for thirty years. He
is one of Grandmaster Son's original students".
Mark J. Lesley Instructor/
Member of the Board, Ivy/Northeast Collegiate TKD League
N.E..Regional Director for the National Collegiate Taekwondo Assocation.
Head Coach of  the NYU Sport Taekwondo Club
Certified National Referee
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Willam Sullivan Instructor/
Certified International Referee
Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology

Inducted Into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame  April 6th, 2007

Hector Jiminez Instructor
Mahn Suh Park Instructor
Director, Taekyon Championships, Philadelphia, PA 60's & 70'
II Joo Kim Director, North American Taekwondo Championships
Instructed the late-great Byron Jones
Yong II Kong Inducted Into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame  April 6th, 2007
BIll Dewart Instructor / Lecturer
AAU Taekwondo Regional Sports Director (Region 13)
Jan-Erik Lehn* First Norwegian to receive Taekwondo Black Belt ,
November 10, 1976
Howard Lee Instructor
Kang Rhee Instructor/Demonstrator
Robert Beaudoin
(Photo / Chuck Stepan)
President of the Academy of Karate in Waterbury, Ct.
General Secretary of the World Tang Soo Do Association
Mel Steiner  President of the International Ch'ang-Hon Taekwon-Do Federation
Jun Chong
Chan Yong Kim Instructor
Pioneer of 88 Olympic Gold Medalist Jimmy Kim
Simon Rhee Instructor/Actor
Phillip Rhee Instructor / Actor
Suk Jun Kim Instructor /
Ahn Ye Mo* Instructor
Hyeon Kon.Lee Instructor
Chul Koo Yoon Indiana State Taekwondo President from 1974-1994
Technical Director of 1987 Pan American Games
Won Keun Bai Instructor
Song Oh Moon Instructor
Soon Ho Chang Instructor to USANational Champion /
World Taekwondo competitor Dr. Tom Seaborne
Yong Kil Kim Instructor
Ki Yun Yi Instructor
Noh Guen Guak
(Photo / Chuck Stepan)
André Blake* First Canadian instructor to receive 7th dan from Gen. Choi Hong Hi.
(March 22, 1991) . His first instructor was Chong Soo Lee
Hyun Ok Shin Instructor/Tournament Director (70's)
David Charney Instructor/ Voice of Henry Cho's All American during the early 70's
Ann Roberts Instructor/
Adjunct professor for martial arts and personal defense at The American
University in Washington, D.C. for nearly ten years
Shelly Smiley
(Photo / Chuck Stepan)
Wesley Jenkins Instructor
Sang Kee Paik Instructor
Dae Soung Kim Instructor

John Park President of D.K. Park Tae Kwon Do, Inc.
Trained and coached several hundred state and national champions
Head coached a U.S. team in 1995 for the Sardinian Open (Italy)
Founded Tae Kwon Do program at Chelsea Piers (NYC) in 1995
Former Secretary General Junior Olympic Committee for Tae Kwon Do
Gregory Battle Instructor
Henry Cho's All American Open 1978  (3rd Place - Middleweight)
Larry Chenault Instructor
Joe Seda Instructor/Author
Rafael "Spider" Rodriguez Instructor/
Taekwondo Forms Champion
"No.1 student" / first Black Belt of the legendary Joseph Hayes
Mickey Barbee Instructor
Bernard Kerik Security Consultant/Author
Instructed by Grandmaster Y.J. Chang (Jidokwan)
Al Shackil Instructor
Mike March Instructor
KIM Nam-Seuk Coach Team/Uganda  / 1st World Taekwondo Championships 1973 - Korea
J.A.A. Etima Head of Team/Uganda  / 1st World Taekwondo Championships 1973 - Korea
Hwang Ho Yong Instructor - Czech Republic
Robert Beaudoin Instructor
Paul McNicholas Instructor/
Manager of the Irish National Taekwon-Do Team (2003)
Jamie Moore Australia’s first Australian Born Master
Instructor / "Authentic Taekwon-do" - Australia
Australia National Team Coach
Organizer of  the 14th World Championships for ITF (July 2005)
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Donal O'Donoghue Opened Mulhuddart Taekwon-Do Club with Ms. Nicola-McCutcheon
More on Mr. Donal O'Donoghue
Ron Sell Instructor
Eddie Marquez Instructor
George Walcott Instructor
Continental Class Referee
Simon Chung Instructor
Peter Lue Instructor
John Blankenship
(Photo / Chuck Stepan)
Doo Han Kim Instructor/
Competed in Henry Cho's All American Open Tournament
of Champions
Daniel Sng Instructor / Island Taekwon-do Centre - Singapore
Melvin Hibbs* Olympian Taekwondo Academy - Nova Scotia
Affiliated with Chong Lee Schools
Archie Mabote Instructor/
Referee at the Greece International Taekwondo Championships
(Sent by Lesotho, Africa)
Robert Summers Currently operates a dojang in North Carolina (USA) but taught for
Master Jong .Soo Park in Toronto, Canada from 1979-1985
Lee Sung Soo Instructor
Keith Finch Instructor
Soo Kon Kim Instructor

(1950's & 1960's)
Original (I.T.F.) Pioneer Instructors and Masters Worldwide


General Woo Jong Lim
Ko Jae Chun
Hyun Jong Myung
Chang Tae Ik
Chang Tae Ik
Cha Ji Chul
Chin Duk Young
Chung Byung Gil
Kim Yong Soo
Baek Joong Ki
Kim Suk Kyu
Lee Sang Koo
Kim Syung Bok
Kim Gil Sung
Park Yang Kyu
Kwak Byung Oh
Cho Sang Min
Choi Weh Bong
Kim Bong Sik
Lee Ung Sam
Koo Pan Hong
Kim Keun Joong
Choo Kyo IL
Im Soon Ho
Kim Hong Sup
Han Min Kyo


Nam Tae Hi
Kim Bok Man
Rhee Jong Hyup
Choi Kwang Jo
Han Cha Kyo
Bong Suk Keun
Woo Jae Lim
Rhee Jong Chul
Yang Yoo Yup
Sung Kwang Yong
Kim Jong Chan
Lee Byung Moo
Yoon Young Koo
Lee Joon Jae


Rhee Ki Ha
Kwon Jae Hwa
Cho Soo Seh
Kwon Jae Hwa
Lee Suk Hee
Lee Yoo Sun
Park Sun Jae
Hong Sung In
Kim Kwang Il
Cho Hee Il


Kim Han Chang


Park Jong Soo
Choi Chang Keun


Jhoon Goo Rhee
Kong Young Il
Lee Jae Bok
Kim In Mook
Chung Suk Jong
Lee Heang Ung
Kang Suh Jong

Original (I.T.F.) Pioneer Instructors and Masters Worldwide


Nam Tae Hi
Kim In Mook
Moon Dae Won
Kong Young IL
Yoo Hong Sun
Kang Dong Won
Kim Hong Sik
Jack Hwang
Cho Hee IL
Kang Suh Jong
Lee Haeng Ung
Lee Jae Bok
Kim Nam Kyun
Park Boo Kwang
Cho Si Hak
Eun Sang KI
Rhee Jhoon Goo
Chung Suk Jong
Baek Moon Koo
Lee Jong Moon
Choi Sun Duk
Shim Sang Kyu
Moon Dae Won


Park Jong Soo
Kim Jong Chan
Lee Jun Jae
Park Jung Tae
Han Sam Soo
Kim Gil Woo
Choi Ik Sun
Chun Duk Ki
Choi Chang Keun
Kwon Tae Sung
Park Jung Teck
Choi Kwang Jo
Park Jong Soo
Kim Yang Kwang


Rhee Ki Ha
Hong Sung In
Park Sun Jae
Kwon Jae Hwa
Lee Suk Hee
Lee Yoo Sun
Im Won Sub
Kim Kwang IL


Rhee Jong Chul
Yang Woo Yup
Yoon Young Ku
Rhee Jong Hyup


Cho Sang Min
Kim Jong Yul
Byun Jong Chan
Kim Sang In
Shin Kwang Soo
Chung Kwang Duk
Kim Yong Min
Lee Gae Joon
Lee Woo Jae
Kwon Kum Jo
Kim Han Chang
Kim Yoon Sik
Myung Duk Sun
Choi Nam Sung
Bang Keun Mo


Kim Bok Man
Woo Jae Lim
Han Cha Kyo
Lee Byung Moo

                                                                                                                                   MAIN PAGE